Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Knit On The Panel Morning Tea

Hi friends of the growing panel. More pieces have been added this week and more need to be added. Thanks to so many of you for coming on board to create this installation/performance piece. On sunday the 31st of August at 10.00am I've organised a morning tea at Freestyle Tout at shop 50/ 1000 ann st Fortitude Valley Brisbane Aust.
We will lay out the panel and you can come and add to it by knitting on the panel , knit on your own piece and we add it later or embelish it with beads and ribbions etc. This is our artwork. It support the idea that we support eachother and acknowledge the resilience in people, nature and the planet. You will need to bring knitting needles, crochet hooks or sewing needles if you have them. Blue yarn and other colours if you have them. I am doing my best to provide some of these materials at the moment. The idea is we start our piece in blue to remember a blue time in our life or empathise with someone elses. Then we move onto a colour that suits our mood or what we like or hunger for on the day.
Please come if you're interested and or tell a friend to come. We will order coffee etc, chat, laugh and keep our hand busy. Around 12.00 we will have lunch for those who want to stay. Call me on 0412630570 if you are coming and if you are staying for lunch so I can book the numbers for the cafe. See you there wonderful KNITTERS !!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

" The Landscape of Resilience"

This panel is an installation/performance art piece which is primarily constructed by knitting in a multitude of yarns and styles. It takes the form of a knitted panel two meters wide by many meters long. It is a representation of the internal and external landscape of resilience. It's a testemony to people's courage to live through adversity and find joy in all of life's possibilities. Many will contrubite to its growth and evolution. People from all communities will participate in the creation of this installation. They will link together in groups knitting on the piece all at once or work alone and add their creative energy later or I will add their piece for them.
There are plans for the panel to be exhibited, be part of a performance video and be documented in a book/journal format.
I am waiting for the outcome of a grant proposal and some other avenues that may allow me to travel with the piece regionally and overseas. In the mean time if you wish to help in in the growth of this testemony to resilience please leave a comment and I will get back to you on how that can be done. I'll post on this site any venues where I will be knitting on the panel and you may want to come and join me.

Monday, July 21, 2008

blue web

part of the ever growing testimony of resilience in people ,nature and the planet.